The Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association (NITA) was officially founded in 2008, although NITA's founding group of translators and interpreters has been active in prior, unofficial settings since about 2004. NITA's broadly defined goal is to advance and to elevate the quality and availability of language services in the State of Nevada.

NITA is a non-profit association; as per March 5th of 2009, NITA is classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt business league under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our association is driven by an enthusiastic and diverse group of language professionals, all working together in pursuit of the highest language service standards for all stakeholders involved. (Click to meet the Board of NITA)

Thanks to the help and encouragement of our fast growing member community, we're advancing toward providing accessible, accountable and high-quality language services throughout our community. To that end, NITA develops and offers a growing suite of activities, such as illustrated by these, held previously:

  • Quarterly NITA Seminars with introductory presentations and workshops;
  • Presentations on specific aspects relevant to language professionals;
  • ATA Certification Exam sittings (note: NITA only hosts the examination venue!)
  • Workshops for independent translators on setting up a translation business;
  • Skill-building workshops for aspiring and practicing court interpreters;
  • Intensive training for health care interpreters;
  • Informal get-togethers, to meet and network with fellow linguists;
  • And much, much more - subscribe to our news updates to stay in the loop!

Of course, NITA doesn't operate in a vacuum. That is why we gladly cooperate with our peers in other language profession related and similarly relevant organizations, institutions and entities. Please feel free to contact NITA; we're always happy to hear from you and assist where we can.

NITA is proudly affiliated with and supports the American Translators Association (ATA).

The American Translators Association (ATA)

NITA's goals and plans:

  • Advocacy for the profession, strengthening standards and practices
  • Political action for legislation: requirements, certification and formal accreditation
  • Affiliation with regional, national and international sister organizations

Benefits of NITA Membership:

  • Professional development
  • Member directory, available to the public
  • Unique, personal email address
  • Announcements and newsletters
  • Voting rights in board elections
  • Leadership opportunity to serve as a committee or board member
  • Opportunity to attend the NITA annual membership meeting
  • Participation in all networking activities, job fairs and discussion groups
  • Opportunity to be a presenter at a NITA meeting or conference
  • Reduced fees for conferences
  • Discounts on selected translation environment software
  • Full access to the NITA website resources and links
  • Membership number/card (coming soon!)
  • Language/Specialization Divisions (coming soon!)
  • And, of course: supporting NITA in our common goals! Your membership is vital to NITA. With your membership you show your support for our ongoing efforts, by expanding our activities throughout the state of Nevada.
  • Other opportunities for supporting NITA are: providing feedback on how we are doing, attending our regularly held activities, and volunteering your valuable time and efforts, to help us achieve our common goals.

Contact us, check out our latest news, attend one of our Quarterly Meetings which are open to the General Public or any other NITA event, and join us.