Natalia Cardillo

President - email: Contact the President
(Term 2021-2023)

Natalia is a Certified Master Court Interpreter who has been interpreting and translating professionally in Northern Nevada for more than 10 years. She started as a freelance interpreter providing services for different agencies such as the State of Nevada, U.S. District Court, Washoe County School District and Immigration Court; as well as private attorneys and local businesses among others. Currently, she is a full-time staff Court Interpreter and Interpreter Services Coordinator in Reno, NV.

Natalia teaches Community Interpretation courses and provides training for court personnel on Language Access for Limited English speakers. She is a frequent speaker at the Orientation Workshop for Interpreters in Nevada Courts. In addition, she is a Spanish instructor at the University of Nevada, Reno. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

Mieko Hirai Braun

Vice President - email: Contact the Vice President
(Term 2021-2023)

I am a registered Japanese court interpreter in the state of Nevada. I have been working as a Japanese interpreter / translator for over 30 years both in Japan and the United States.  Graduated from the Western State University College of Law in Orange County, CA. I understand the legal issues, and am able to address our issues and needs to our legislative body of the state.

Our country needs to reflect diversity that we stand for and so does NITA.  I would like to represent the voices of interpreters who speak LOTS. 

This is the time work together in diversity to unite.

Amarilis Alexander

Amarilis Alexander

Treasurer - email: Contact the Treasurer
(Term 2022-2024)

As an experienced individual in the hospitality industry from front line employee to operational manager in various departments related to this industry, I consider myself a major asset to NITA as a Board member. Being born and raised in Honduras and knowing the English language since the age of 5; I am fully fluent in both languages and I am able to read and write in them as well. I am well versed in all aspects that this Board position requires and have added qualities and skills to bring to the team and association such as: Website building, Computer skills in most programs and audio-visual skills. I feel fully comfortable holding a position like this as it is important to have social skills as well as public speaking skills. My public speaking experience includes hosting training sessions, recruiting and being a crew member to several Anthony Robbins seminars. I have been preparing for the Federal Court Exam for the past 8 years. Current student with UCSD under the T&I program. I consider myself well-traveled due to having the opportunity of living in or visiting places such as: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, France, Honduras and a vast majority of the US. In my experience it is key in engaging with individuals while being part of an Executive committee in any association or organization.

Lorena Orozco

Secretary - email: Contact the Secretary
(Term 2022-2024)


Lorena Orozco, a Nevada Certified Court Interpreter who was born and raised in a Spanish-speaking household in Los Angeles, CA, moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004 and soon undertook Court Interpreter training. She has worked as a staff interpreter and translator for more than 15 years in southern Nevada's largest local labor union gaining experience in the field of labor relations, and works as a freelance translator occasionally. Lorena has been a member of NITA for more than 10 years and looks forward to giving back to the interpreter/translator community and advocating for the advancement of the profession.

Araitz Ceberio

Director - email: Contact Director Ceberio
(Term 2022-2024)

Born and raised in Northern Spain’s Basque Country, Araitz was exposed to multilingualism at a young age, which set the stage for a life-long passion for languages. Growing up bilingual with Basque and Spanish (as native languages), Araitz was also able to acquire fluency in English throughout her academic years. Later she was able to reach a high level of Italian while studying for a college degree she would earn in architecture.

A court-certified interpreter in Nevada and California for more than 10 years and a certified medical interpreter with the National Board for about 9 years, she has experience interpreting and translating in and for legal, medical and educational settings. Clients and partnerships of note include Nevada DETR,
Language Bank of NNIC, Washoe County School District, Nevada Early Intervention Services, Executive Office for Immigration Review (DOJ) and Washoe County Courts. Araitz is a longtime advocate for interpreters’ rights and is steadfast in her mission to uphold the highest ethical and procedural standards of the profession

Deborah Silvera

Director - email: Contact Director Silvera
(Term 2021-2023)

Since I first moved to Las Vegas two years ago, when I was still in the process of getting my certifications from CCHI and the State of Nevada, NITA welcomed me with open arms. Through the networking coffee hours, I was able to meet many of my now friends and colleagues, who provided guidance on how to navigate the interpretation world in Las Vegas. I also have taken advantage of the courses offered by NITA, which have not only provided invaluable CEUs, but also been great for my professional development. I see how hard the board of NITA works to provide these and other resources, and I strongly believe that as a profession we benefit greatly from having an association that represents us and looks out for us. I also believe in giving back, and that serving as a director for the NITA board is the perfect opportunity to do so.

About Debbie:

Debbie had a distinguished career in Biochemistry and Microbiology under her belt when she came to Las Vegas in 2019 as well as a couple of years in the Medical interpreter’s market via OPI and VRI for Akorbi Inc. and GLOBO HQ. However, her transition from the scientific to the linguist’s world was gradual and started many years earlier via academic work and publishing with upstanding institutions such as the Mount Siani Cancer Center and the NYU School of Medicine in Miami, New York and San Diego. Currently, Debbie is a Certified Court Interpreter by the Nevada AOC, a CHITM Certified Healthcare Interpreter and a Contract Interpreter for Immigration court.

Maria Socorro Gutierrez

Director - email: Contact Director Gutierrez
(Term 2021-2023)

I have been a member of NITA for over 10 years because I truly believe it is an important Association for all language professionals, and an informative gateway for those on the way to becoming one.

Through the years I have benefited from NITA’s membership: I have attended great workshops and courses taught by skilled and experienced language instructors; these educational events were key in my preparation towards my State Certification.

I am grateful to be part of this supportive community of fellow interpreters and translators, where many of us have found the encouragement and resources needed to advance in our professional development. I would like the opportunity to serve on the NITA Board, to assist in its mission, and to contribute in providing those same benefits to current and future members.

About Coco:

Maria Socorro (Coco), is from Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico, where she got her pre and post graduate degrees in Business Management as well as working initially as a Bilingual Executive Assistant, English-Spanish Interpreter and ESL instructor. It was her 10 years of work with a Mexican Airline that brought her to Las Vegas (LAS). In 2008 she settled down locally and worked again as an ESL Instructor and DSO with English Time Language School for a couple of years, simultaneously making her way into the freelance interpreting profession.  Currently, in addition to her independent contracts, Coco is an Administrative Manager and Company Interpreter with Comercializadora Destinos Turísticos.

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