You can pay for renewal of your membership with a credit or debit card; you pay through the Stripe payment processing service but you don't need a Stripe account to do so - just have your payment card ready.

NITA has three categories or types of membership: Individual, Students, and Corporate.

Individual Membership

This category is for professional or aspiring translators and interpreters (i.e.: individual members) - annual membership fee: $35

Student Membership

This category is for students (individual members) - annual membership fee: $25 IMPORTANT: when you join as a NITA Student Member, you must also separately mail or email proof of your current student status. You can mail it to the P.O. Box address, shown at the bottom of this page, or email to the email on our Contact us Page. Proof of enrollment must be for a post-secondary educational institution that is a member of the Nevada State University System or a comparable institution operating in a county bordering the state of Nevada. If you cannot meet this requirement you may join as a 'regular' Individual Member.

Institutional/Corporate Membership

This category is for institutions and corporations - annual membership fee: $75

Payment Instructions

Note: if you renew your membership while it is still active, the renewal period of one year will automatically be added to the end date of your current membership term by one year. So, you never "lose" any paid membership time and you can be sure your membership doesn't lapse!

Please select under Checkout Options first the category (Individual, Student or Corporate) of your membership you wish to renew. Then, under Your Profile please verify that your email address is still correct. (Should you need to update your email address, please do so now first by clicking here to visit your membership details page and then come back to this page to finalize renewing your membership.) Then, under Billing Method click the "Add Billing Method" link to fill out the information of the card you wish to use; any major debit or credit card should work, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners. A popup window will open requesting your payment information. Finally, under Checkout Now, click the Submit Form button to complete payment for your membership renewal. Note: your payment won't initiate until you click the Submit Form button!

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